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The products and services described in this website are valid only for OTP Leasing Romania IFN S.A. and are its exclusive property. Also, OTP Leasing Romania IFN S.A. owns all the intellectual property rights (including the rights to the database) regarding the trademarks, service marks, logos and all other materials presented on this site.

OTP Leasing Romania IFN S.A. makes every effort to present as clearly and concisely as possible all the information on this site. However, OTP Leasing Romania IFN S.A. is not and will not be legally responsible under any circumstances for any inadvertence or erroneous description of the information presented on this site. 

To find out more detailed information about the products and services of OTP Leasing Romania IFN S.A. you can contact us, by email or by calling +40 21 407 29 00.

It is forbidden to reproduce, distribute or publish in any form the content of the materials presented on this site, by any person, without the prior written consent of OTP Leasing Romania IFN S.A.

None of the materials presented on this site constitutes a firm offer to contract and, even more so, they do not constitute as a sale-purchase offer of any financial instrument or product. The quotations of the exchange rates, the value of the financial instruments, the value of the percentages and of the products offered may fluctuate and/or be affected by the national and/or international economic changes.

Any attempt of any kind of modification of the image and information in this website, except for its legal owner — OTP Leasing Romania IFN S.A., gives the unilateral and unequivocal right for OTP Leasing Romania IFN S.A. to make use of all its prerogatives to address the legally competent courts for sanctioning this fact.

Any person who visits the https://www.otp-leasing.ro website and who provides personal data or information to our company expressly and unequivocally agrees to the following: the processing of these data and personal information by the company in order to conduct market studies or to transmit promotional materials specific to direct marketing operations; the company's performance of staff recruitment operations; the company's handling of its requests, questions and complaints.

Through the 24/7 Approval application you receive instant response regarding the eligibility of your company. The granting of financing for the desired cars or light commercial vehicles is conditioned by the valid conclusion of a leasing contract and the proper fulfillment of the obligations mentioned in the verification and financing documents of OTP Leasing Romania IFN SA. 


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