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Startup Leasing

The number of new entrepreneurs is constantly growing, with an entire generation of young people seeking professional independence and the right opportunities to put their ideas into practice.

We have prepared for you an advantageous financial leasing package, so that you can invest all your energy in your new company.


Advantages of a lease for a start-up


  • You can purchase new or second-hand vehicles

  • 40% minimum advance

  • Contract period between 12-72 months (for leasing of new goods) and up to 96 months (for leasing of second-hand goods, age of property at time of lease application and approved lease period)

  • Residual value: between 1% and 20% (included in instalments)


SME Leasing Calculator


Predicting and managing costs as accurately as possible is an important factor in a start-up company's  success. That's why we provide you with a 100% free leasing calculator, through which you can easily and quickly find out the value of monthly installments for the asset you want to finance.

 Verify here the eligibility of your company and to apply for a financial leasing product.



Leasing for Start-ups with 24/7 approval


Fast Leasing is a financial leasing product that is aimed exclusively at legal persons who wish to purchase a car or other type of vehicle through financial leasing.

We created this product, fast leasing, to cover the need for our customers to quickly and flexibly access financing. Thus, OTP Leasing offers you financial leasing solutions with 24/7 approval, 100% online.


Verify here the documents required for applying to a financial leasing.



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