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OTP Leasing Romania team is here to provide you all the necessary information about financial leasing, the leasing contract, and special offers. Below you can consult more details about our products.

If you want to know another type of leasing and products information, but they are not mentioned below, you can contact us by email ([email protected]) or by phone ((+4021 407 29 00, business hours: Monday to Friday, 8.30 – 17.30).


General information about financial leasing, and OTP Leasing Romania leasing products

  • What is financial leasing?

Financial leasing represents the operation by means of which one party, called lessor/financer, leases for a predetermined period of time the right to usage over an asset whose owner it is, to another party named lessee/user, in exchange of a periodically paid amount, called the lease rate. At the end of the leasing period, the lessor is bound to observe the right of option of the lesse/user concerning the latter's purchase of the asset, extension of the leasing contract without changing the leasing formula, or termination of contract provisions. The lessee/user may choose to purchase the asset prior to the end of the leasing period, but not sooner than 12 months.

  • In what conditions can I obtain a financial leasing?

In order to benefit from a rapid response to the financing requests, it is necessary to send to our team a series of documents about your company and the vehicle(s) you want to acquire. You can also benefit from a series of new leasing products for you and your business: Fast Approval (for cars), Rapid Leasing (other type of vehicles), Startup Leasing.

  • What can I acquire through financial leasing?

OTP Leasing Romania portfolio includes financial leasing products for acquisition of: cars, vehicles and equipments. You can find detailed information them from the list below:


Commercial Vehicles


Agricultural Leasing

Startup Leasing

Online Application


Contract, billing, procedures

  • When do I start to pay for the leasing installments?

The leasing payment is issued in the next month after the fully payment of the vehicle provider. All the payment installments are issued according to the type of received offer and the type repayment schedule.

  • Where and how can I pay the financial leasing installments?

The bills can be paid at any Romanian bank pay office and online, through bank transfer, using the details:

OTP Leasing Romania IFN S.A.

Bank account: RO67 OTPV 1130 0016 7222 RO01

Bank: OTP Bank Romania S.A.

  • What is the billing exchange rate for the leasing installments?

The billing exchange rate is the one approved in the leasing contract.

  • How do I receive and download the bill?

There are several ways one can receive and access the bill:

-        By email, at the address you mentioned in the leasing contract

-        By post, at the post address you mentioned in the leasing contract

  • Can I pay the leasing installments in advance ?

Yes, one can pay a minimum of 6 leasing installments in advance based on a signed requests from OTP Leasing Romania IFN SA. 

  • Can one purchase the vehicle before the leasing contract expires?

Yes, one can close in advance the leasing contract by paying the remaining value and the costs. The property transfer will be finalized after these payments are made. Closing the leasing contract before the due date can be done only after 12 months from the contract’s activation.

  • What does it mean to activate a leasing contract?

A contract is considered activated when the following conditions are met:

-    the provider chosen by the user has received full payment

-    it was signed the statement about the receiving by the user of the financed vehicle

  • Can a leasing contract’s period be modified?

Yes, the leasing contract period can be modified as follows:

-    It can be shortened (in cases of anticipated closing or partial capital reimbursements)

-    It can be lengthen based on a financial analysis (e.g in the situation the user reaches the impossibility of payment and there are a series of conditions fulfilled)

  • Can a leasing contract be modified after signing it?

Yes, the leasing contract can be modified. This modification can be realized in accordance with the client’s needs, but taking into consideration the fulfillment of certain conditions (e.g shortening / lengthening the leasing period, anticipated reimbursements, leasing contract transfer etc.)

  • I have reached the end of the contractual period. What do I  need to to?

If you are based in Bucharest, you can come to the Logistic Department of OTP Leasing Romania IFN SA with the vehicle(s) enrollment certificate, the company’s stamp and the documents of empowerment for the person designated to collect the necessary documents.

If you are outside Bucharest, we are going to send you all the necessary documents through courier.

OTP Leasing will give: the identity card (for the vehicles), the OTP Leasing Romania IFN SA (valid during the month of issuing), enrollment documents (for vehicles), last reimbursement bill/residual value.

  • When is issued the residual value bill?

If you didn’t choose to include the residual value in the monthly installments, the bill with the amount of residual value is issued together with the last leasing installment. Both have the same paying date.


Data changes (personal information, company information etc.)

  • I’ve changed the social address of the company. How should I proceed?

It is necessary to send to OTP Leasing Romania IFN SA the modified documents through email / fax (e.g registration certificate, articles of association, other information).

  • I have changed the company information / my personal data. Do I need to notify you?

Yes, please inform us every time you make changes to any of your information and send to us the validating documents.

  • I want to change the correspondence address, what do I need to do?

You can notify us by phone (021.407.29.00) or through email ([email protected]), and our team will modifiy in real time the information in our database.


Other information (leaving the country, damages, documents loss)

  • I want to leave the country with the acquired vehicle. How should I proceed?

It’s necessary to request from OTP Leasing Romania a document that acknowledges the information about the person who is going to drive the car with at least 2 weeks before the departure date through phone or email (021. 407.29.00 or at [email protected])

How should I proceed in case of damages?

You need to immediatly inform the insurance company about the event. In case of theft (both partial or full), it is mandatory to declare them at the Police station or call 112 to report the theft in maximum 24h.  

  • I’ve lost the registration plates / enrollment certificate. How should I proceed?  

It should be done a legal document statting the loss. This document it’s brought to OTP Leasing Romania together with an ID copy of the person declaring the loss. OTP Leasing Romania will initiate all the necessary steps to obtain the new paper work.


OTP Leasing Romania contact information

  • How can I contact you?

OTP Leasing Romania team is here to help when you need more information about the financial leasing, special offers, and information about your leasing contract.

OTP Leasing headquarter address

Nicolae Caramfil Street, no. 79, district 1, Bucharest

Phone: +4021 407 29 00

Fax: +4021 407 29 99


[email protected] (for information regarding the leasing contract)  

[email protected] (for information regarding the financial leasing products portfolio)

[email protected] (for information regarding registration plates, property transfer)


OTP Leasing Romania business hours: Monday to Friday, 8.30h – 17.30h

For media inquiries and information about OTP Leasing Romania, please contact the marketing department: Steliana Moraru, Marketing Manager, [email protected]

More details about how to contact our national team you can acces here.






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