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Leasing for commercial vehicles

Whether you want a truck, a minibus or some other type of commercial vehicle, OTP Leasing has the right solution for you: Leasing for commercial vehicles. Leasing for commercial vehicles is a financing product that can be accessed by companies or authorized individuals who wish to purchase new or second-hand commercial vehicles.

By accessing a leasing for commercial vehicles, you will be able to maintain an uninterrupted flow of activities in your campaign without incurring excessive financial pressure.Whether you are a transport company, construction company or any other field involving the use of commercial vehicles, with OTP Leasing as a partner, your business can reach its maximum potential and you can direct its budget to other necessary investments.


Advantages of a lease for commercial vehicles

  • Advance starting at 5%

  • Repayment of installments may be made on a monthly, quarterly or semi-annual basis

  • Immediate access to the use of the asset

  • Residual value included in installments

  • Financing period up to 96 months (for commecial vehicles, the age of the good is cumulated with the financing period)


Leasing for commercial vehicles through OTP Leasing


OTP Leasing Romania offers financial leasing solutions for new and second-hand vans, both for legal entities and for authorized persons.     

Present on the financial leasing market for over 15 years, we support companies in Romania and contribute to their long-term development. 

Our commercial vehicles leasing packages are customized and tailored to our customers' business needs and objectives. 


Verify here the eligibility of your company and to apply for a financial leasing product.

Verify here the documents required for applying to a financial leasing.


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