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Personal and confidential information

When you are using our website or services, it is possible that OTP Leasing Romania IFN S.A. to directly or indirectly collect certain personal data about you. Such data may refer to general information such as: telephone number, e-mail address, last name and first name etc.

When you resort to our financial services, we collect the information about your financial status and we may use such information in order to provide you the requested services and to process your application; in order to search for the most adequate service or product for you; during the credit scoring procedure; in order to evaluate your financial behavior or to prevent fraud or other payment incidents.

OTP Leasing Romania IFN S.A. may also use your data in order to offer you information about the services and/or products offered by the company or its partners that we believe suits you or corresponds your interests, on the condition that you did no choose not to benefit from such a service.

OTP Leasing Romania IFN S.A. undertakes to use your personal data according to the provided objectives and to maintain the collected information confidential according to the provisions of the applicable law. This statement of confidentiality does not include the website pages of third parties linked to OTP Leasing Romania IFN S.A. website.

Moreover, we will collect and use non-customized data in order to obtain statistics and to help us improve the quality of the services offered to you in order to better understand our clients’ profile.

By accepting these terms and conditions you expressly agree that certain information about you will be stored and processed by OTP Leasing Romania IFN S.A. and you expressly state that you are aware of the provisions of the Law 677/2001 and of the rights provided by this law, that you may exercise them according to the legal provisions, and especially of the following rights:

  • the right to oppose;
  • the right of access;
  • the right to interfere with the data.

In order to get informed on your rights, please access the website of the National Supervisory Authority For Personal Data Processing (Autorității Naționale de Supraveghere a Prelucrării Datelor cu Caracter Personal.)

Applicable law

The terms and conditions of this agreement are governed by the Romanian effective law. Non-observance of the terms and conditions provided herein shall draw the liability according to the legal provisions.

Final provisions

OTP Leasing Romania IFN S.A. has the right to change at any time and without any notification the content of the website as well as the terms and conditions for the use thereof. They shall be published on the website and shall produce effects as of their publication date. The use of the website or of the services offered shall be considered acceptance of the new terms and conditions.

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