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The performant agricultural equipment contributes to the growth of your crop. Acquire today the ones you need, and you make the payment in the next years.

AgriLeasing is a financial leasing product specially designed for all the farmers, meant to help them to develop their crops and to improve the work process.

AgriLeasing can be accessed by legal entities to acquire new and second-hand equipment.


  • Seasonal repayment schedule
  • Down payment starting from 5%
  • Up to 72 months leasing period (for new equipment) and up to 96 months (for second-hand equipment, the age of the equipment cumulated with the leasing period)
  • Imeadit access to the equipment
  • LEI / EUR contract currency


Click here to verify the eligibility of your company and to apply for a financial leasing product.

Click here to see the documents required for applying to a financial leasing.

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