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What are the benefits of financial leasing for the purchase of trucks?

After a year of the pandemic in which both mobility and the provision of services in various industries suffered, a decline in the car market was inevitable.

Although the beginning of 2021 was a difficult one for the Romanian car market, since March there has been an increase of 18.14% compared to the same month last year. To get through this not-so-easy period for many of the businesses and not to make huge financial efforts, you can opt for financial leasing when you want to renew your fleet. Especially if it is made up of new or used trucks that need regular checks, this can have a major impact during this period on the company's expenses.

Financial leasing companies offer customized and advantageous service packages, and the details needed to draw up the contract and the interest you are going to pay are discussed and set in advance. Afterward, all you have to do is take care of the payment of the installments.

It is useful to understand what financial leasing is, to see what benefits this financing product brings to a business. Thus, financial leasing is an integrated package of financing, insurance, and after-sales services for the purchase of long-term goods. The guarantee of financing is often the funded asset itself, but contractual terms may fluctuate from one situation to another.

Below are 3 of the most important advantages for the purchase of trucks by financial leasing:


#1 Flexibility


Financial leasing is a more flexible solution to a bank loan when it comes to documentation and procedures required. Moreover, contractual changes may be made during the financing period, depending on the customer's needs.


#2 Price and low installments


One of the main advantages that a truck lease has is the low monthly installments, precisely because the assets have a lower price than new ones. In addition, financial leasing companies provide customers with access to multiple sales channels and the ability to estimate the value of installments using a leasing calculator.

With this form of financing, you can take possession of the truck by paying an advance of 5% of the full price. In addition, you can choose the repayment period (monthly, quarterly, or semi-annual) and you will have immediate access to the use of the vehicle.


#3 Reduced Bureaucracy


Financial leasing companies know how important time is for business owners, so most offer optimized approval processes and reduced bureaucracy.

To obtain a financial lease for a truck you must complete a funding application and a consultation agreement (to consult the database of the Credit Risk Center). Most of the time, all the necessary documents are on the websites of the leasing companies, from where they can be downloaded and completed. After completing the documents, all you need to do is send the documents to the leasing company for verification.

Thus, with this information in mind about the benefits of financial leasing, you can make optimal decisions for the context in which we are and help your business grow further.


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