Buna, sunt Eliza! Cu ce informatii te pot ajuta?

Eliza - the first chatbot of a leasing company in Romania

DRUID, the manufacturer of smart virtual assistants for enterprise organizations, announced the launch of the virtual assistant Eliza, developed for OTP Leasing Romania, part of OTP Group, which automates the bidding process for legal entities and provides 24/7 support for existing customers.

Hosted directly on the OTP Leasing website, Eliza can be accessed both by current customers, through the secure My Leasing platform, and by potential customers. Customers in the OTP Leasing Romania portfolio have access to queries related to the account, to the payment situations of the installments or they can download their claims for damages and exit from the country.

Potential customers have various rate simulations available through Eliza. If a potential customer agrees to a simulation, Eliza captures information based on the unique tax registration code, automatically verifies the company by integrating microservices with KeysFin, and then saves the information collected in the company’s CRM solution. Thus, OTP Leasing’s sales consultants receive all the necessary information about the opportunities collected through Eliza, improving the response time for customers.

“One of the pillars we build is to offer customers or potential customers the opportunity to perform anytime and anywhere the activities they need in relation to our company. Thus, we focus on the development of self-service solutions, available 24/7 at a click away for users. The launch of the Eliza chatbot is the latest initiative in this direction. Eliza is designed based on the recurring needs of our clients and those who want to obtain financing. It is a natural continuation of our effort to provide friendly solutions for local businesses, which support debureaucratization and elimination of waiting time and allow companies to focus on business and its development, “says Steliana Moraru, Head of Marketing and Digital Transformation, OTP Leasing.





I am happy to adopt DRUID technology at both OTP Bank and OTP Leasing, organizations with sophisticated portfolios of solutions and a tradition of over 10 years in Romania. If the Octavian chatbot lends a helping hand to the agents in the OTP Bank customer support center, here is the Eliza chatbot developed with OTP Leasing offers a useful self-service automation solution for customers and sales consultants. It is a commendable initiative of agility in a context in which digital channels are becoming normal “, says Liviu Dragan, CEO of DRUID.

“Technology is constantly evolving, and the business environment with it, so KeysFin’s mission is to prevent trends in the field and to constantly innovate. And, when the innovation translates into useful and immediately applicable solutions for one of the most important local organizations, OTP Leasing Romania, we can only be proud that the result of our work will contribute to the validation of a potential client as soon as possible. Of course, integration with the Eliza chatbot is an important part of this process and we would like to congratulate our DRUID partners for their vision as well as their expertise in developing the virtual assistants of the future. ” says Roxana Popescu, Managing Director of KeysFin.

About Druid

DRUID (www.druidai.com) is an AI technology company that provides Enterprise-type organizations with conversational tools and technologies. Thanks to pre-configured conversational templates on roles and processes and NLP proprietary technology, DRUID allows any company to design and launch intelligent virtual assistants extremely quickly. In less than 2 years since its launch, DRUID technology is used by more than 50 companies, including Banca Transilvania, Raiffeisen Leasing, BCR Leasing, Asirom, Groupama, Provident, ProTV, Carrefour, iStyle, Profi, ALTEX, Dacris, REGINA MARIA Health Network, Dona Pharmacies, Servier or Bookshops.


OTP Leasing Romania

OTP Leasing Romania was founded in 2007 and is part of the OTP Bank group, the majority shareholders being OTP Bank Romania and Merkantil Bank Hungary (part of Merkantil Hungary). OTP Leasing Romania offers for legal entities a varied portfolio of financial leasing products for the purchase of cars, commercial vehicles and equipment. The company has branches in Bucharest, Iasi, Brasov, Timisoara and Cluj. OTP Leasing funds companies throughout Romania.





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