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Black Friday begins at OTP Leasing. You have huge discounts and low commissions for repossessed assets

OTP Leasing has launched Black Friday, a campaign that includes substantial discounts on a variety of assets, from automobiles to electronics and HoReCa products. Between November 13-15, OTP Leasing offers discounts of up to 70% and the reduction of associated commissions for products from the repossessed assets portfolio.


Discounts for HoReCa assets


Because the pandemic period severely affected the HoReCa field, OTP Leasing has special offers for goods in this sector. All these products have a 70% discount.

Discounts of 70% also exist for LCD screens in the portfolio, which can be used in the spaces dedicated to product presentations or other associated materials.


Discounts for motor vehicles


The leasing company offers discounts of up to 50% for the repossessed vehicles and trailers / semi-trailers presented on the site. Both the monthly administration fee and the management fee were reduced to only 0.13% each.

Also, for all repossessed assets in the portfolio, a reduced interest rate of only 3.99% is applied. The maximum funding period is 59 months. The discount offer and tax reductions OTP Leasing includes cars, commercial vehicles and trailers / semi-trailers.

With over 12 years of experience in the field, OTP Leasing offers customized financial leasing solutions for all work sectors, in a short time and at advantageous costs. 

Black Friday







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